Asda Introduces Common Sense Pricing For Spectacles

November 2, 2009 · Filed Under Asda Opticians, Offers, Shopping News · 6 Comments 

UK retailer Asda has committed to new common sense pricing, which will help its customers save cash on spectacles. Asda Optician customers will be able to purchase any prescription single vision set of spectacles for £50 for standard frames and £70 for designer frames, with no hidden extras.

Contrastingly high street opticians usually attract customers with the promise of good deals, with customers more often than not having to shell out for costly add ons such as scratch proof and thinner lenses or anti reflective coatings.

The new policy of clear and simple pricing is in response to new research from Asda showing that almost 45 per cent of spectacle wearers cite cost as the biggest reason for not updating their prescription, with the average person paying £150 for their specs.

42 per cent of the study’s respondents believe that fair price for glasses was above £100 and will be shocked at the deal available across all 84 Asda optician locations, with 630 frames to choose from.

Nik Langrish-Dixon, head of optical at Asda said: “Whilst other retailers’ headline prices may sound good in theory, the reality is that nearly 85 per cent of their customers don’t get their glasses at this price and end up paying way more. You could go in expecting to pay £25 for a pair of glasses but, depending on your prescription, could easily end up shelling out over £200.”

“We are offering customers a guiding light by offering a flat price for a pair of specs no matter what their prescription – no hidden extras, no nasty surprises.”

Asda in an industry first is offering ant-reflective coating on all glasses purchased from in-store opticians, for which market leader, SpecSavers charge an extra £30. This follows the move by Asda in 2007 to provide anti-scratch coating as standard.

In addition to the £50 glasses, Asda will also be offering glasses with designer frames for just £70, and two pairs of standard or designer glasses for £90.

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