ASDA Mobile Phones - Cheap PAYG Sim Cards and Phones

  • ASDA PAYG has the lowest rates in the UK
  • Standalone phones from £25

ASDA Sell Phones
for the Following Operators

Virgin Mobile, o2, Orange and T-Mobile

Asda are taking the Pay as You Go (PAYG) mobile phone market by storm and have got a few of the more established providers quaking in their boots with the fantastic pre-pay phone packages on offer. ASDA also have a great range of standalone mobile phones which run on top networks such as Vodafone, TMobile and o2.

ASDA PAYG Mobile Phone Coverage

Not only do ASDA offer unbeatable value on their pay as you go mobile sim card they also offer great coverage wherever you are. They have formed a network partnership with Vodafone which gives ASDA mobile phone users access to an extensive phone network which covers 99% of the UK population and is available in over 200 countries.

ASDA PAYG Mobile Phone Reviews

"Unfortunately I have bad credit from my time as a student so cannot get a contract phone. I've been on a lot of other PAYG deals but I found Asda Mobile to be the cheapest so I have switched to them. I've never had any problems with signal and the cheap texts are great as I don't tend to make many phone calls. The only thing I miss from my old Orange sim is the Orange Wednesday where you can buy one get one FREE on cinema tickets. When I think about it though I probably only went twice a year and the savings I've made on my mobile sim costs would just about pay for those tickets anyway."

Miss T

"I've been with ASDA Mobile for about a year now and I'm reasonably pleased with how things have gone. The fact that it's on the Vodafone network is great unless you live in a real out of the way place like my mate in Yorkshire who sometimes struggles to get a great signal. All in all the price is good though and my only real complaint is that voicemails aren't free (think it costs about 8p so not massive but free is always better!).."

Mr F

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