The Mystery Of The Great Asda Trolley Robbery

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UK supermarket chain ASDA Grocery Online regularly advertises the virtues of its competitive pricing, with adverts regularly featuring a mix of celebrities, employees and ordinary customers, all of whom pat their pockets, smile and say

“That’s Asda price!”

Someone really took that advice to heart and in an effort to save some cash decided to steal around 800 trolleys over the course of a couple of weeks and at £80 a pop, the £64,000 the key question is who on earth would go about stealing supermarket trolleys.

The trolleys were stolen from Asda’s Eastgate shopping centre branch in Essex over a 12 day period, all were fitted with refundable coin deposit slots that encourages shoppers to return the trolley to its correct collection point. That was ignored and the robbers simply cut through chains holding all the trolleys together, and with no CCTV cameras and an unmonitored car park bay, the theft remains a mystery.

So now we know the trolleys have been stolen, this then begs the question, what on earth are the thieves planning to do with this inconvenient haul batman?

Holy stainless steel Robin. According to Simon Nickson who runs a company that supplies this type of equipment to other retailers, the haul is certainly now worth the pain.

“You’re not going to get a vast amount of money for scrap – probably only about £5 to £7 a trolley – which is hardly worth stealing,” he says. “With that sort of quantity, I’m just wondering whether they’re buying to sell to third-world countries, second-hand. They may have a customer in Asia or Europe who might give them 25 quid each for them.”

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Asda To Pay Personal Injury Claim

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UK retailing powerhouse ASDA Grocery Online has been ordered by a court to pay £10,000 personal injury compensation to customer who slipped and fell at on its stores.

Mr. Thomas Wardle was awarded £10,500 in damages by the Peterborough County Court. ASDA Grocery Online was also required to reimburse Mr. Wardle £18,000 in legal fees, following the incident which occurred at the beginning of 2008 at the retailers Rivergate branch in Peterborough.

Whilst the nature and extent of the injuries faced by Mr. Wardle remain unknown, David Hemming who runs the personal injury practice of a Peterborough based solicitors said an award of such magnitude indicates that the injury was likely to be to the soft tissue of the victim’s back.

Following the court ruling, ASDA Grocery Online Apologised for the incident and in a statement the retailer said: “We have thorough processes in place to ensure our store floors are kept clean to prevent anyone from slipping or falling.”

“We’re extremely sorry on this occasion we did not meet our own extremely high standards.”

The supermarket chain has confirmed at least two other personal injury cases regarding exactly the same store, both of which are expected to settled this summer. Asda has denied that there is an issue with cleanliness at the store.

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Tesco Launches iPhone App

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UK Supermarket giant Tesco has launched an iPhone application which will let owners of the Apple device to carry out their grocery shopping whilst on the move. The application syncs with Tesco’s online shopping portal, which enables customers who are registered with the online store to use their iPhone to create a list of their shopping, and book deliveries for their order. CEO Laura Wade-Gery said: “We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for customers. The iPhone app creates a fantastic new way to shop with whenever you want, whether you’re adding last-minute essentials or starting a new order.”

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Sainsbury’s Gives Lifetime Ban To Shopper

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A shopper who frequents retailing giant Sainsbury’s has been banned from every single store of the UK supermarket chain, after redeeming points belonging to someone else’s Nectar card.

The shopper named Christine Turton, who resides in Crosby Merseyside was arrested by police on suspicion of fraud, after using a Nectar card belonging to someone else to purchase groceries at her local Sainsbury’s outlet last month.

The 48 year old shopper had both her finger prints and DNA taken, and was also required to undergo a drug test after being interviewed by police and then being released on bail.

Sainsbury’s has banned Ms. Turton from all its stores for life and have refused to lift the nationwide ban despite the case having been dropped by the Merseyside Police.
Ms. Turton says that she was accidentally handed the wrong Nectar card by a cashier on a previous trip to the supermarket. The card had been reported lost by an elderly gentleman.

Ms. Turton also insists that she has never received a letter from the retailers suggesting that she had been banned and has continued shopping at her local Sainsbury’s every day.

Mrs Turton, who shopped at the store since it first opened more than 20 years ago, said: “I would never use someone else’s Nectar card . It’s preposterous. I would have nothing to gain.”

“It must have been a mistake at the check-out weeks earlier. Like everyone else I didn’t check the back of the card for the signature. All the cards look the same and I can understand that a mistake was made, but to have me arrested over it was just ridiculous.”

“I was treated like a common criminal. It was a terribly frightening and something that I would not wish on anyone.”

“I’ve been a loyal customer of Sainsbury’s for two decades and think I’m owed an apology. But instead of that they’ve banned me from every store in Britain and now I have to go through an appeal process to get allowed back in.”

“I’m not prepared to let them blacken my name so I want them to overturn this unjustified ban.”

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s said: “We want to serve our customers, so we never take this kind of action lightly or without investigation.”

“Mrs Turton can appeal the ban but at this stage we stand by our decision.”

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Tesco Opens UK’s First Self Service Store

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British retail giant Tesco has opened the UK’s first completely self service store in Northampton.

The convenience store Tesco Express, has no checkouts that are staffed, and instead uses a set of five self service scanning tills which are overseen by a single staff member.

Tesco says the aim of the “assisted service store” was to speed up trips made to the store and increase efficiency. The retailer said however, that there were no plans to implement the checkout in its larger supermarkets.

A Tesco spokesman said: “Customers like the fact that there are five checkouts available. Before, you could have four manned checkouts but only one person working the till. It’s a lot quicker but some people have never used them before so a member of staff is there to assist.”

The head of the British Retail Consortium, Richard Dodd, says he believes the move could trigger the beginning of a technological revolution, which would be the end of manned checkouts at supermarkets.

Critics say that unmanned checkouts signal the end of “basic human interaction” between shoppers and check-out staff, which could mean job losses in the thousands.

But critics of the move warned that it signalled the end of “basic human interaction” between shoppers and check-out staff, and could ultimately result in thousands of job losses.

A spokesman for rival Asda was quoted by supermarket as saying that “hell would probably freeze over” before it opened a store with no customer interaction on the checkouts.

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Campaign Slams Supermarket Bakeries As Tanning Salon For Baguettes

A report recently released by the Real Bread Campaign has branded the bakeries of supermarket chains as being nothing more than tanning salons for baguettes.

In a scathingly critical report, the campaign highlights a common practice by many retailers of freezing pre baked loaves of bread, and then re-baking them in store, which has the effect of softening the loaves and making their crusts crunchier.

The campaign says it contacted six retail chains, and found that only Marks and Spencer stocked bread baked in-store that met the campaign’s definition of ‘Real Bread’ , i.e, made with flour, water, yeast and salt, with all natural ingredients and using no processing aid.

The Real Bread Campaign seeks to highlight the increasing loss of jobs in the bakery industry and the worrying trend of including hidden additives in bread.

According to the report many supermarkets make use of a legal loophole which does not force them to disclose a number of additives on their bread labels.

By law, the burden falls on the customer to ask what additives are in the bread rather than the responsibility falling on the retailers to publish.

According to the Food Labelling Regulations 1996, processing aids such as enzymes used to affect colouration and prolong softness need not be declared at all, even if a customer asks for an ingredient list.

The campaign claims that loaves of bread that have been re-baked, which many retailers sell often go stale much faster and requires far more energy to produce.

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Waitrose Starts Selling Luxury Toilet Rolls Made From Cashmere

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Wiping one’s behind after visiting the loo has never been silkier, with upmarket grocery retailer Waitrose, upping the luxury ante, offering its customers luxury toilet rolls made using one of the softest materials known to man, cashmere.

Usually cashmere is a material used to manufacture very expensive and extremely soft  jumpers, scarf’s and socks, but the retailer is now using the material to make toilet paper for customers who wish to indulge themselves.

Waitrose says that the toilet paper is covered in oil extracted from the hairs of the cashmere goat and is “most luxurious bathroom tissue yet”.

Waitrose is retailing the luxury toilet rolls at nearly double the price of regular toilet paper. The cashmere toilet roll sells at Waitrose stores nationwide for £2.29 for a pack of four, compared with £4.79 for a pack of nine Essentials Ultra toilet rolls.

Carla Smith, buyer for the upmarket grocery chain, said: “Cashmere provides that stamp of quality to any fashion garment from a designer suit to the finest luxury knitwear .”

“It’s indulgent, it’s stylish and it’s helping provide that extra softness to our new premium bathroom tissue collection.”

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Tesco Forces Customer To Leave For Carrying Daughter On Shoulders

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The UK’s largest retailer Tesco has been in the headlines of late, after bizarre reports emerged that it had first banned customers from shopping in their pyjama’s and then carded a customer for trying to buy a 51p quiche. The retailer has hit the news again after banning a shopper from one its stores for carrying his daughter on his shoulders.

Cambridge shopper Mark Dunkley found himself accosted by a security guard after entering a Tesco Extra store carrying his six year old daughter Natalie on his shoulders.

Mr. Dunley a 45 year old taxi driver was issued an ultimatum by the security guard to either put his daughter down, or leave the store. The security guard cited health and safety concerns as the reason for the demand, which Mr. Dunkley refused to comply with, taking his daughter to Iceland instead.

He said: ‘I couldn’t believe it. It’s ridiculous. I think she was actually safer on my shoulders rather than running the risk of being hit by a trolley. This sort of pettiness gives health and safety a bad name.”

He added that Tesco had “lost a customer for life”.

A Tesco spokeswoman urged Mr Dunkley to return to the store and talk to the manager about his concerns.

She added: “We take the safety of our staff and customers very seriously. Each store can make these decisions on an individual basis. We have no blanket policy on this issue.”

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Tesco Cards Shopper For Trying To Buy Quiche

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A Coventry shopper was left shocked when she found that a Tesco checkout assistant asked to her to provide some form of identification after trying to buy a slice of quiche.

The assistant, who is based at the Tesco store in Cannon Park, then refused to allow the stunned shopper to purchase a slice of cheese and onion tart, until identification was produced that proved she was over 21.

24 year old Christine Cuddihy then spent several minutes arguing with the checkout assistant and ultimately produced her driving licence, just so that she could buy the item, which cost 51 pence.

Miss Cuddihy said: “The girl told me, ‘You don’t look over 21. I need to see some proof of age.”

”I told her I was certain the proof of age laws do not apply to quiche but she just said ‘We have to be really strict now and this applies to quiche bought over the counter’.”

”At first I thought she was joking but her face was deadly serious. I didn’t quite know what to say. It was very embarrassing, what on earth is dangerous about a slice of quiche ?”

“I was so insulted they thought I could not be trusted with a harmless snack. I was really embarrassed and just wanted to get out of the shop.”

Miss Cuddihy, from nearby Leamington Spa, added: “It was rush hour and there was a queue forming behind so I just showed her my driving licence and rushed out. I was so hungry that I didn’t even bother kicking up a fuss or complaining to the manager. I just wanted to eat my quiche .

“The irony is I’ve bought alcohol from the same store dozens of times without being asked for ID. The whole thing is ridiculous.”

A spokesperson for the UK’s largest retailer offered an apology and added that shoppers were not required to provide proof of age when attempting to buy quiche.

The spokesman said: “We’re at a loss to say what happened here. We couldn’t find the staff member who asked for the ID.”

“Age-related prompts at till are set centrally and there obviously isn’t one on quiche .”

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