Asda To Roll Out Indian Takeaway Concessions In Store

Post by Sharat | October 15, 2011 | Food | Comment

UK supermarket giant ASDA food deliveries, is set to roll out curry counters at a few of its retail outlets, after successfully trailing a takeaway scheme.

In April the UK’s second largest supermarket chain set up an in store curry counter at a store in Birmingham, which was operated by a restaurant based in Bradford which calls itself Zouk.

The concession ultimately proved to be extremely popular with customers of the store, prompting Asda to introduce the concession at three other retail outlets across the Midlands, with dozens more likely to be launched including concessions at Asda’s London stores.

Asda ethnic buyer, Noor Ali, said: “Launching a series of restaurant-managed curry counters into our stores and giving local businesses the opportunity to expand, is a natural step for us.”

“Our customers love the authenticity and quality of the range at Zouk and with more and more families on a budget, but not wanting to sacrifice eating out, launching this new concept is a winner.”

The concession run by Zouk offers a wide variety of choice to Asda shoppers, with such authentic Indian dishes from Punjabi llipops to Nihari Lamb and Goan Fish Curry. Prices start from as low as 40p for a starter to £3.50 for mains.

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