Asda Launches Major Price Cutting Initiative

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UK retailer Asda has shot back the price cutting campaigns of rivals, by announcing its own major price cutting initiative.Asda has pledged to cut the prices across 3000 items including essentials such as toilet paper, cereal, laundry detergent and bread.

Additionally the retailer says that shoppers who spend £40 at a retail outlet will receive a voucher worth £5 as a “thank you” which can be redeemed the next time the customer spends £40 either in store or online.

The new campaign will run side by side along its current 10 per cent Price Guarantee scheme, and is direct response to the £500million ‘Big Price Drop’ campaign from Tesco which initially sparked the latest price war between the two biggest retailers in the UK.

Last month Sainsbury’s launched its promotion which it calls Brand Match, and promises to refund any customer who finds cheaper items at rivals Asda and Tesco, whilst Waitrose also launched its on campaign designed to highlight awareness amongst shoppers of the greater value it offers.

For its part, Asda denies that there is a price war under way.

A spokesman said: “Other stores don’t want a price war, they only want a skirmish over price perception. There is no price war because no other stores showed up to win.”

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