Asda To Focus On Prepared Fresh Foods

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UK retailer Asda expects an increase in demand for prepared potatoes on Tuesday as demand spikes as a result of East Midlands Potato Day.

ASDA Grocery Online Director for Category Rick Bourne says the supermarket chain has specifically singled out the prepared fresh food format, and speaking at a QV Foods event said that the retailers customers were now making a number of choices regarding their product mix, buying across premium and budget categories, prioritizing what and where they buy, with fresh produce being the most important.

“Consumers are prepared to pay for someone else to prepare their vegetables,” he said at the joint QV Foods, Potato Council and McCain sponsored event. “I tried to sell dirty carrots and I couldn’t understand why people weren’t buying them. I was told that people don’t have the time to wash them at the sink.

“I tried to sell naked cucumbers for a while but customers didn’t like it. Loose product has the perception that lots of people have touched it.”

Mr. Bourne added that wastage of food had a huge negative impact on the supermarket chain’s customers and what they buy, and that prepared portions as a result has an end feel good factor.

“The £1 price point is important to our customer and is a motivator,” he continued. “It helps people budget but it’s also the right portion, meaning less waste of food in the home.”

According to Mr. Bourne, Asda controls 20 per cent of the market for prepared potatoes, and he is keen to expand.

“Together we can inspire growth for prepared potatoes,” he said. “You have to understand the market.”

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