Asda Launches Premium Meat Range

Post by Sharat | July 23, 2011 | Groceries, Shopping News | Comment

ASDA Grocery Online the UK’s second largest grocery retailer has expanded its range of fresh meats, launching a new line of premium quality cuts of meat.

Asda has dubbed the range “The Butchers Selection” which includes a selection of steaks that have matured for 15 days in a bid to make the meat extra tender. The range is already available at most stores throughout the country, with steaks on special offer and rump steaks marked down to £7 from an original price of £11.97.

Earlier in the month Asda launched a marketing campaign to promote the launch of the range on television, and features Asda’s head of meat quality Jim Viggars, explaining to consumers how the selection is specially prepared.

Viggars said: “Our customers told us that steak is one of their favourite meals when eating out, so the Asda meat team and I have worked hard to get the cuts to restaurant quality, without the hefty price tag.”

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