Asda To Pay Personal Injury Claim

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UK retailing powerhouse ASDA Grocery Online has been ordered by a court to pay £10,000 personal injury compensation to customer who slipped and fell at on its stores.

Mr. Thomas Wardle was awarded £10,500 in damages by the Peterborough County Court. ASDA Grocery Online was also required to reimburse Mr. Wardle £18,000 in legal fees, following the incident which occurred at the beginning of 2008 at the retailers Rivergate branch in Peterborough.

Whilst the nature and extent of the injuries faced by Mr. Wardle remain unknown, David Hemming who runs the personal injury practice of a Peterborough based solicitors said an award of such magnitude indicates that the injury was likely to be to the soft tissue of the victim’s back.

Following the court ruling, ASDA Grocery Online Apologised for the incident and in a statement the retailer said: “We have thorough processes in place to ensure our store floors are kept clean to prevent anyone from slipping or falling.”

“We’re extremely sorry on this occasion we did not meet our own extremely high standards.”

The supermarket chain has confirmed at least two other personal injury cases regarding exactly the same store, both of which are expected to settled this summer. Asda has denied that there is an issue with cleanliness at the store.

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